Is this a legit website?

Yes, it is a legit website. We try to be fully transparent to our users. Thats why we share almost every details about our operation in the website. We are a group of traders who hold currencies in different gateway. We provide other traders and users to exchange currencies from one gateway to another for a minimal amount of fee. You can learn most of the details about our operation in our website. To learn about our terms of service - click here, to learn about our refund policy - click here, to learn about our site status - click here.

Why your site looks like a scam website?

Well, some user actually sent us email about asking this or similar quesion. Most of the user asked us this question by looking at the site's design. To be honest, we care about the system efficiency more then the view of the website. This is a super simple design that will work mostly on any browser, any kind of internet connection and it will cost just few kilobyte of data. We think there is no point to add additional design or functionalities to make the site more attractive to users and make the site less efficient. The site is serving it's purpose for now and we are not planning to update the design unless its absolutely needed for the site's functionality.

What informations you store on the database?

As we mentioned in the terms section, we do not store any personal information of the user except the email address. In case of breach, the only data will be compromised is the email address. We store following data in our database: transaction id(can be scaned using any block explorer), amount of sum(sent,received),recovery address(incase we have ro refund), email address(to send notificaiton about order and contact in case of urgency), date when the order was placed.

Why the processing time is slow?

As we mentioned on the terms page, we use manual process to complete the orders. That means, someone have to physically match the information and process the order manually. This can take some time if no one is available for processing the orders. As we offer limited number of gateways for swap, sometime there is no order placed in long time and our administrator stuffs go offline. If a order is placed in this timeframe, it can take some time for get processed.

Why don't you use automatic systems to speed things up?

We are in the cryptocurrency industry for more then 8 years now. We have seen, no matter how sophisticated system is used to make things automatic, hackers always find a way to get around the automatic systems. Even largest crypto exchanges get hacked. That's why we use manual system. So that we can check every order before processing it. We have no intention to make things automatic though we can. We will keep the operation manual till the last day of the website.

Why you need my email address?

We need your email address to send you notification about the status of the order. You will not receive email from us once the transaction is complete. We do not use the email addresses to send promotional email or any kind of spam. The email address is the only way to contact the user in case of emergency. As we do not store any kind of data and we do not use a profile based system, email address is required.

Why you can not send me back my token i sent to your USDT(TRC20) address?

We use 3rd party website such as exchange to receive USDT(TRC20) transaction. We do not hold the private key of the address so if you send any other token other then USDT(TRC20) to the address, we will not be able to recover it. So, we would request you to send only USDT(TRC20) to our USDT address.

Why you hide last half of the order id?

We hide half of the order id so that no one can take advance of the system and try to exploit it. We send system genereted email to the user when the order is submitted and we also provide the order id right after the order placement on our site. So that only the real user who submitted the order can check the details and check the current status of it. Also, in the history page, the user can verify that the order was placed properly by viewing his/her order id on the pending section or on the completed section (if processed) by viewing the 1st half. The main reason of showing the order ids in the history page is to build trust between us and our user that the order is getting placed and getting processed.

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