Privacy Policy

  1. We are a group of trader who hold different type of currency for liquidity and provide other traders and online users exchange services from one platform or gateway to another for a minimum fee.
  2. We do not collect any kind of sensitive data such as username, password, ip address, contact number, personal address, name or any other information like that. So in case of data breach only transaction history can be compromized which can be explored using any block explorer.
  3. We do not use automated system though that can speed up the exchange process. Instead, we use manual process to check, double check, verify and complete the orders. It can sometime take time but in case of hacking event, all the cryptos and fiat currencies will be safe on cold wallet.
  4. We only collect email to notify the status of the order and collect email and recovery address so that we can contact in case we have to refund the fund.
  5. We do not use the collected email for marketing purpose. So you may never get any email from us once the transaction is complete.
  6. As we do not store any sensitive data, it make our users safe in case of data breach and privacy.
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